• This is the most cost-effective process for producing repetitive parts than by machining from stock shapes & also when there is size limitation of injection molding.

    Because of water like viscosity of this monomer (Nylon-6), at minimal pressure, this hot monomer directly polymerizes with a solid nylon shape or part in the tool. Parts of very thick cross-section can be produces without the high stresses induced by injection molding or extrusion.

  • Advantages of Cast Nylon
  • ■ Tooling cost for cast nylon is very low as high strength tool steels are not required because the process is carried out at atmospheric pressure.
  • ■ Air voids & sinks is easily avoided in cast nylon parts.
  • ■ Possibility of manufacturing large sized stock shapes as well as custom casting which requires only minimal machining.

  • We produce semi-finished products of Cast Nylon-6 in different qualities. It is heavy duty high impact wear & heat resistant polyamide.

  • Cast Nylon sheets :

    1000 mm x 1000 mm

    10 mm to 100 mm thick

    Cast Nylon Rods :

    1000 mm long.

    50 to 300 mm Dia