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Are supplied with carbon, fibreglass or other fillers depending on the actual requirements. Piston rings can be supplied with Diameters up to 1500 mm.

Advantages of PTFE Rings ♦ Chemical Resistant
♦ Temperature Resistant: -190ºC to +200ºC
♦ Piston speed : upto approx 5m/s
♦ No health hazard:Does not apply to all fillers.

Application ♦ Dry running or low-oil compressors
♦ Refigeration compressors
♦ Expansion machines
♦ Pumps for cryogenic liquid gasses
♦ Pumps for corrosive and non – lubricating fluids

PTFE PISTON GUIDE STRIPS Are used primarily in Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Advantages ♦ Low price,easy to replace
♦ Good dry-running characteristics
♦ Noo seizing by contact with metal
♦ Extremely low static
♦ Dynamic coefficient of friction